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Based in St Helena Island in the South Atlantic Ocean, and founded in 1790 by Saul Solomon, Solomon & Company (St Helena) Plc (or "Solomons" as it is known locally), has deep links to St Helena, establishing it as an integral part of Island life.

We operate in a range of sectors in St Helena including travel and shipping, retail and wholesale, insurance, production, services and the property sector.

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Our Services

We offer a wide range of services and solutions for local residents, businesses, and visitors to St Helena. For more information about how Solomons can be of serivce, choose a division below:

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Special Orders

Solomons is able to handle the procurement of items that are not typically available on the island - from jewellery, furniture or vehicles through to complex specialist items. We purchase on behalf of our customers, and arrange freight forwarding and customs clearance. The items required will be ready to pickup at one of our locations on St Helena or Ascension Island.

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St Helena is one of the few remaining untouched destinations left in the world. Until now, the remote tropical British territory has only been accessible by ship. With commercial flights open since late 2017, travel time has been reduced from days to mere hours. Today you can experience an extraordinary tale of history, nature and culture, in a place of unique character and unspoilt beauty.

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