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Local Production

Many of the business divisions we operate are not customer-facing, and are used internally or are products and services we offer as part of a partnership with other local and offshore businesses. For more information about any of our divisions, please feel free to contact us.

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Solomons owns two herds of cattle used for meat production on the island. Our livestock division manages the gene pool to ensure the cattle are genetically diverse. In addition to the cattle herds, we manage a piggery which supplies pork products to the island. In total, Solomons manage in excess of 300 animals. We have also recently started producing honey from locally kept bee hives on the island. The honey produced is additive-free and organic.


Solomons manages two coffee plantations to the south of the island, producing world renowned arabica-bourbon beans. The coffee bushes are grown on steep slopes which are ideal for this strain of bean, originally cultivated from Yemen. Our process is environmentally friendly. All beans are hand-picked, and our yield is between five and six tonnes per annum.


The Solomons Bakery is the only industrial bakery on the island. In total, we produce in excess of 12'000 loaves of bread per week which are distributed to our retail stores, as well as other stores on the island. In addition to bread, cakes and pastries are also produced. We manage daily delivery to Jamestown and Half Tree Hollow, and other stores are stocked three times a week.

In addition to bread, novelty and birthday cakes, artisan products, confectionaries, mini eats for corporate events, and pastries and other similar products are also produced.