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Business Services

Doing business on the island is a bit tougher than most other countries, with most of our supplies being imported from the UK or South Africa. Solomons offers various services to assist businesses of all kinds on the island. From good procurement and freighting to land acquisition and necessary insurance services, Solomons has your business covered.

St Helena Travel Agency

Design, Printing & IT

We offer graphic design and printing services to the public. These include business cards, invitations and poster printing. We also offer secretarial services such as typing, scanning, lamination, and binding.

We also offer IT services, such as the sale of computers, laptops, peripheral devices, and storage. Our IT team can also assist with computer repairs and software.

For either service, please call Solomons head office.
St Helena (+290) 22380
St Helena

Sea/Air Freight, Marine & Port Agency Services

We are based in the Malabar in Jamestown and provide agency services for all airfreight to and from the Island. We sell cargo space on outgoing flights and as well as offering a tailored service to take care of all your local airfreight needs; from the initial booking, documenting and delivery of outgoing cargo, to the receipt, clearing and delivery of incoming cargo.

Our Marine Services includes maintenance and repair of yachts and marine vessels that arrive at St Helena. We are also able to manage refuelling of these vessels.

As part of our Port Agency Services, we coordinate and facilitate the docking of vessels on the island, and arrange the legal and financial aspects of the arrival.

We are also able to assist with freight clearing of cargo to the island, as well as provide lighterage services including the transfer of cargo to the shore by barge, and transport on land to the required destination. We are also an air freight and forwarding agency.

St Helena Marine (+290) 22523
St Helena Port
Marine and Port Agency Services

Airport Operations Support

Solomons assists with many operations at the newly opened St Helena International Airport. We are the Airlink Representative in St Helena and handle flight bookings and passenger queries through our Malabar Office in Jamestown on non-flight days and at the St Helena Airport on flight days. We also provide support staff, assisting with airport security, ramp handlers, cargo processing and passenger services

For enquiries please contact us.

st helena airport operations

For up to date travel information please call our Travel Information line on (+290) 26111

Bulk Fuel Installation

Solomons is the official contractor for all ground fuel on St Helena, operating on behalf of the St Helena government. We manage the procurement, delivery and storage of all fuel used on the island. The Bulk Fuel Installation, or BFI, is situated in Ruperts.

For bulk fuel orders on the island, at a discounted rate, please contact us.

Bulk Fuel Installation (+290) 22332
bulk fuel installation


Solomons provide a variety of short-term insurance solutions to assist businesses on the island. These include insurance for Motor Vehicles and Motor Traders, Material Damage, Rockfall, Boats, Personal Accident & Disablement, Group Cover, Directors & Officers Liability, Employers & Public Liability, Marine Cargo, Professional Indemnity, Contract Works and a range of other covers. We are also able to underwrite custom insurance solutions.

st helena business insurance (+290) 22682 st helena business insurance Main Street, Jamestown st helena business insurance

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